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Peter Principle
Best known for his 30+ year association with the pan-national multi-disciplined performance music group Tuxedomoon (extensively described in the 2008 book "Music For Vagabonds" by Isabelle Corbisier), he has composed, played on, recorded or produced 100s of published works within a wide spectrum of alternative music fields. This work has been featured in productions by Maurice Bejart and films by Wim Wenders, and resulted in his appearing with Jean Michel Basquiat in the Andy Warhol produced film "Downtown 81". Besides a number of critically acclaimed solo albums, he has coproduced art videos widely presented noteably at The Kitchen New York and the Rijksarchive in Amsterdam. He has performed in venues across the spectrum from the Pompidou Centre in Paris to the Issue Project Room in Brooklyn.

Dok Gregory
Dok has been composing, performing and recording experimental electronic music since 1983. He is a member of seminal NYC based audio/visual group Amoeba Technology since 1997. He has toured and performed in festivals throughout the United States, Europe, Russia and South America and has had recorded works released in most of the same. Dok’s audio-visual works have been featured in programs at the Forum Des Images in Paris, Basel Art Fair in Switzerland, The Kitchen and Lincoln Center in NYC, to name but a few. In 2007 he began work on the ISRS system (a shortwave radio synthesizer) and continues to research, development and deployment the technology. Dok has also toured and collaborated extensively as a member of Silence Corporation, Psychic TV, Trance Pop Loops and the Ransom Corps.

Zemi17 (or the person known as Aaron Taylor Kuffner) is a composer, musician, and media artist. He is the co-creator, and art director of the Gamelatron: the world's first and only fully robotic gamelan orchestra (http://gamelatron.com). He is the resident DJ for the legendary Danger events based in Brooklyn. He formed the experimental multi-media theater group Ransom Corp in 1997, founded the 23 Windows Collective community arts studio in Brooklyn in 2001 and co-created and curated The Resonant Wave Experimental Multi Media Art Festival in Berlin in 2002. He was a guest composer at Theater Thikwa for mentally disabled adults in Berlin in 2003. In addition to years of musical research in Java and Bali supported by the Indonesian government, Zemi17 has toured extensively throughout the US and Europe both as a DJ, theater composer and director, and most recently with the Gamelatron as a signature installation at Portugal’s Boom Festival. https://zemi17.net